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Building on the deWeb Framework allows you to focus on developing.  Operators and Marketers are incentivized to handle the DevOps, marketing, and sales in exchange for royalties.

Role of Developers

Do what you do best, if you're a great developer, focus on that. Others are incentivized to handle hosting, marketing and customer service.

How it Works

Build on the deWeb Framework

Operators can host your deApp and charge royalties

Marketers can onboard and support users through their domains

Charge royalties from revenue generated by your code's license fee

Decentralization Made Easy

As simple as building a traditional online service on Google Firebase

User actions are logged on EOS mainnet

100% decentralized architecture

Built in social sign-in user accounts, wallets, tokens and fiat on/off-ramp


Focus on your core

Focus on your core capability.  Zero cost partnerships allow others to handle other aspects of the business.


Allow Marketers to onboard users and find product market fit and handle regional customizations.


Your deApp can be used together with other deApps selected by Marketers.

Easy user onboarding

Easy user onboarding with built in social sign in.


Let Operators run the code and handle provisioning of resources and support for Marketers.


Leverage the existing community of Operators and Marketers for an efficient go-to-market.

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