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A Web of Decentralized Online Services

Online services built on deWeb are different in that they can be developed, operated, and marketed by multiple and different parties in a permissionless and free market ecosystem.

Framework Roles

deWeb Framework Roles

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No single team can compete with existing massive online service companies. 

However, many teams working collaboratively can win.

Using the deWeb Framework allows for zero cost business partnerships between developers, operators and marketers.

No need to handle all aspects of a business, just do the part you do well.

deWeb Framework employs an on-chain royalty distribution engine.

Free market competition promotes quality of the service and desirability of terms.

Open source changed the world.  Now, with the business partnerships and royalty split baked into the code, open source mass market applications are feasible.

deWeb Framework Components

The deWeb framework consists of three core components: User Authentication, Royalty Distribution and Token Engine:

Framework Components
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